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Services - General Dentistry

General dentistry is most thought of when going to the dentist and getting your teeth cleaned. This quite possibly is the most important part General Dentistry Dysart Dentalof going to the dentist.

Regular visits to our office (at least twice annually, often 3 to 4 times annually will depending on your dental health) for a professional cleaning, x-rays and an all around checkup can help to prevent any serious problems. Regular checkups can catch any developing problem in its early stages so that Dr. Thomas can remedy it before it becomes a big issue. It’s very likely that your annual visits, coupled with the advice Dr. Thomas will give you on maintaining and practicing good oral hygiene, will be enough to keep you from developing almost any problems at all.

Cavities are another area that most think of for general dentistry. Several things can lead to tooth decay and the development of cavities; diets heavy in sugars and junk food, coupled with less than perfect oral hygiene are usually the main culprits. Cavities will cause pain in and around the affected teeth and if they go untreated they can lead to a host of other problems, including infection that may need antibiotic treatment.

General dentistry dentist can fix most cavities in a relatively quick and painless manner. We use a tooth colored bonding material to fill your cavities. The tooth colored material will certainly result in a more attractive smile than the traditional silver colored.

Dr. Thomas passion for general dentistry shows in his service to his patients and procedures he offers. Whether you have a small cavity, a chipped tooth, or a gap in your grin due to missing or broken teeth, we can make your smile beautiful again. Using the most modern dental techniques and materials, we’ll restore your teeth to optimal health - and to optimal attractiveness!