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Services - Oral Hygiene

At Dysart Dental we believe that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile.

We have all read the correlations being made today between poor oral health/periodontal disease and systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and low weight births. While no hard and fast causative associations have been determined the mounting evidence strongly suggests a distinct correlation between poor oral health and disease entities.

Services - Oral HygieneWhen you become a patient in our quality-driven, prevention-oriented practice you will have a thorough initial examination which includes a full mouth set of radiographs, an oral cancer screening, complete periodontal assessment as well restorative needs determination. We utilize intra-oral cameras to help you clearly see any needs that we may discover. We are here to help you maintain or regain a healthy smile in a non-judgmental environment where no one has need to be embarrassed by how long it has been since they have seen a dentist.

The excellent and caring hygiene department along with Dr. Thomas will determine what you hygiene needs may be from adult cleanings to non-surgical periodontal treatments. Our well trained hygiene staff will discuss the causes and treatments for your care.

We are strongly committed to educating the patient so he/she can become an integral part of maintaining their healthy, beautiful smileā€¦for life.