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Services - Dental Implants… You Can’t Even Tell

Dental implants make tooth replacement easier than ever today. In past decades tooth loss was not a major concern since most people accepted the fact that they would lose all of their teeth and end up receiving dentures. What any person with dentures will tell you is that they are uncomfortable, they fall out at embarrassing moments, and that eating is never the same again. With today’s technology and lifestyles, people are now living longer and expecting to keep their teeth for their entire lives. And dental implants allow them to do this!

For many people, implant dentistry can be used to replace one or more teeth in a secure, comfortable way. A great alternative to traditional dentures implants look and feel more natural, don’t sacrifice the integrity of your surrounding teeth, last for years, and allow you to speak and eat with more confidence.

In the unfortunate event of tooth loss or a tooth that must be extracted, you now have the opportunity to replace that tooth with an implant. Dental implants are placed in the jaws to replace the missing tooth root. It then heals for four months before the porcelain crown is placed on top. In many cases the crown can be placed the same day the implant is placed into the jaw. Missing single or even multiple teeth can be replaced by dental implants.

They are recommended not just because they look good but there are other implications. When some are missing, remaining teeth have a tendency to gradually shift their position. In the long term, this can lead to disfiguration and if any are missing this can also have a serious impact on the bite of the person. By going with dental implants, there is even distribution of pressure when the person bites and chews. So, if you’re one of those people who are embarrassed with the spaces between your teeth or someone who faces difficulty in chewing, implants Dental Implantwill take away every concern you have

(Dental implant replacing an extracted tooth. The crown will be placed in four months, looking like a normal, healthy tooth.)

Do you want to smile with ease, confidence and comfort? Then it’s time that you throw away your dentures and consider getting dental implants. They make you look natural and also feel as if you’ve had them all your life.